Young Entrepreneurs Who Made It To The Top

Entrepreneurs not only manage to do their own business but also create employment for others. This concept of entrepreneurship has also brought young entrepreneurs. We have short listed some of them who made it to the top with their amazing ideas. Let’s have a brief look:

1. Nick D’Aloisio








He developed application named Summly in 2011 at the age of 15. This application squeezes the news algorithmically and prepares shorter summaries. This application actually gave a solution to the problem of reading the news on smartphones. This amazing idea attracted the investors and he succeeded in his first venture capital funding of $300,000. By the end of 2012, the count of downloads of the initial version of the application exceeded 200,000. More investors were attracted and finally, Yahoo acquired the application making Nick D’Aloisio thirty million dollar man.

2. Fraser Doherty

Currently CEO of SuperJam, Fraser learned the jam making from his grandmother at the age of 14. He started the business from kitchen of the family house by producing a few jars of jam and selling in the neighborhood. The business quickly grew to 1000 jars per week. In order to focus on his jam business, he left school at the age of 16. Crossing his neighborhood he started selling the jam to farmer’s markets and shops. The key element had been the usage of pure fruits while making jam which secured his first big deal with Waitrose in 2007 when he was just 18. Currently, he is supplying jam to almost all major stores of UK and his SuperJam is now stocked worldwide with over 1000 shops. Fraser with an annual turnover of £1.7 million has also written two books.

3. Calum Bush

He started a mobile accessories company in 2009. His company with a rapid growth managed to have the customer count crossing 300,000 within three years and was ranked in Amazon for this success. Being named as Young Gun he made his place in the Growing Business Awards of 2012.

4. Suleman Sacranie

In September 2009 Suleman Sacranie launched the This British based variety store selling items at 99p or less uses a warehouse based model operating from a picking center purely online without any physical shop. After he has recently launched wholesale venture called madaboutdeals for discounted deals and clearance stocks. Sacranie signed a distribution deal with one of the largest wholesale distributors of UK and has secured private equity funding. Sacranie sold his first company in the US at the age of 19. He has been nominated for Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and GBA’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

5. Richard Chua

Richard Chua launched the company named Talent100. Students with identified target of final score come to Talent100 where Chua helps them to break it down to the manageable scores in each subject as per student’s capability and inertest. Richard initially implemented this idea during the final year of his own high school. He was promised a car by his parents if he beats the score of his sister. Chua took the challenge and planned it in a systematic way. He identified that he can manage the required score by getting a certain score in each subject. He then formed a company on this idea which resulted into a turnover exceeding $1.5 million.

6. Noah Glass

In New York City waiting in the long lines for coffee is really tiring. Glass considering that others feel the same, invented Mobo. Mobo is a mobile ordering system and a solution to the problem. This system facilitated that Customers can order for takeaway meals through cell phone. Furthermore, an alert service intimates the customer once the meal is ready and the customer can just quickly pick up the meal from the restaurant as this system discourages long lines because this system improves kitchen efficiency of the restaurants and gets the people in and out faster paying Glass 10% of each sale.


7. Juliette Brindak

CEO of Miss O and Friends initiated the idea of Miss O and Friends online network at the age of 13 targeting teenage girls with games, quizzes, celebrity gossips and featured articles. She launched her company at the age of 16 and after three years her company was invested by Proctor & Gamble. As CEO of her company, she has been invited to speak at the Russian Federation’s International Conference on entrepreneurship. She was also invited to take part in the G20 summit.


8. Adnan Aziz

Aziz while watching Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory observed that kids licked the wallpaper that tasted like fruit. This clicked him the idea that it can actually be done. On this idea, he launched the company named First Flavor and developed the technology to manufacture the flavor strips. With this technology the prospective customers are able to try the products like candy, vodka etc. and help the manufacturer to directly reach to the customer as free samples and at a lesser cost to the manufacturers.

We have prepared the list considering the entrepreneurs with amazing ideas securing good profits. If you know anyone with an amazing idea and should be on the list please add as comments to append the list so that readers can also read about them.

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