Screwed Up, Let’s Make It Right

To err is human. In our professional and personal lives we do make mistakes. Mistakes can be smaller or blunders. At times we do come across a situation where we find ourselves screwed up. It is very important that how do we respond to such situations. Either we try to run away from the situation or become defensive and try to put the blame on someone else. None of these do make an effective way of making the screwed up things right.

The first thing we need to do is to evaluate the situation. The result of evaluation would be the identification of reasons that why the thing got screwed up. We need to ensure transparency while identifying our mistakes, if any. As soon as we understand our mistake we must not hesitate to accept it. Unless we accept it we can not correct it.

I provided management consultancy to a client where the whole departmental activities had got screwed up which was resulting delays in the departmental activities. When I investigated the reasons the major reason I concluded was that no one was ready to accept his or her mistake but was putting blame on others.

Once we have accepted then the next step is to apologize instead of trying to blame someone else. It does not sound easy to apologize but just requires some efforts to convince ourselves. Then the immediate results are really welcoming. Some people don’t find it a right decision saying that it does not work effectively. It actually is the way of apology which sometimes is not correct. Different situations require different apologies. Sometime saying sorry is enough, sometime we need to express that we do understand our partner’s or colleague’s situation that has been caused by us, sometime the empathy is not enough but compensation is required.

To understand this we need to perceive the other party’s perspective on the prevailing situation screwed up by us. We can also try to put ourselves on other’s position in order to understand what could comfort us if we had been on the other side of the table. The important thing is to give a sincere try to correct the things. After acknowledging our mistake we need to come up with solution and the way to fix it, if we believe that the things are still in our control.

Accepting our mistake and submitting an apology followed by our actions intending to resolve it does apparently put us in a position of confession. Which, according to some schools of thought, can result some unfavorable consequences but majority has agreed and experienced that the ultimate results would be devastating whether it is the increased trust of our client or strengthened relationship with our partner or colleague.

Therefore, in order to make the screwed up things right effectively, we need to evaluate, admit, apologize and restitute. We shall not only be facilitating ourselves to come out of such situation but will also manage to derive incredible results.

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