Make Your Resume Effective – Check Out these 12 Hacks!

A resume is the first document that interacts with the prospective employer. It acts on our behalf to create an initial expression and an overall summarized opinion. The next step in recruitment process depends on our resume’ acceptability and effectiveness, therefore, it has to be effective enough to convince the receiver. Failing which does sometimes result in a silent response on a resume even if we are considering that we meet the criteria.

It has been accepted by the corporate world that skills play a vital role in the performance of any employee. What role can a person perform efficiently depends primarily on his or her skill set? Therefore, unlike traditional job specifications today the major portion of job specification focuses on the skills required. Skills can be divided into two major categories; technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills are directly related to the technical knowledge and experience of the specific field, therefore, vary from profession to profession and industry to industry. Soft skills, on the other hand, are mandatory. Though there are jobs specific to soft skills but generally employees are expected to possess a particular skill set.

Some of the soft skills are possessed by birth, some are developed through training and some are acquired through experience. Skillset increases the worth, therefore, should be mentioned on resume’. During initial evaluation based on resume’ the skills play an effective role in convincing the evaluator(s). We have shortlisted top ten skills which should be mentioned in a resume’ to make it effective;

1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are the most important skills. These include both the ability to express and the ability to understand. Written and verbal communication both are part of any role to perform. A good speaker, a good listener, a good reader, a good writer, a good presenter, a good negotiator, a good communicator and a good participant of group discussions are different aspects of good communication skills. We must also include the level of communication skills we possess. Command in different languages should also be mentioned in the Resume’.

2. Organization Skills

Organization skills ensure the effective workability of the person, therefore, with workplace disciplines and code of conduct, the employees are generally expected to have a good level of organization skills. Does manage the work in a controlled manner, keeps the work organized, can set goals, can meet the deadlines, is reliable for timely delivery, can manage multitasking are different aspects of organization skills. Things if disorganized do cause delays and deadlocks. Therefore, it is very important to mention the organization skills.

3. Team Player

Corporate structure has been changed from vertical to horizontal. The horizontal structure has brought the team-based culture into work environments. It has resulted in team efforts instead of individual efforts. Being part of a team we are not only expected to do our work efficiently but also have to ensure that others’ work is not affected. In fact, in a team-based culture we need to facilitate and support each other. While working in a team we not only compensate the lacking of each other but also get an opportunity to learn from each other. To enjoy all the benefits of team-based working everyone needs to be a good team player. Supportive, good facilitator, good coordinator, can manage teamwork and can tolerate are the different aspects of being a good team player. Considering the importance of being a good team player in the team based culture we can understand that how important it is to mention this skill to make our resume’ effective.

4. Initiator

In the highly competitive business environment of today, ability to take initiative makes the employee an asset to the company. Organizations expect the employees to have the ability to initiate the things which help in form of refinements or even through new or innovative ideas, enhances the organization’s ability to compete. Therefore, it must be included in the resume’.

5. Self Starter

Organizations look for the people who don’t need to be pushed by the boss or colleagues. As such people can not be relied upon for independent work.  They can only survive being part of a good team. Therefore, organizations prefer to have self-starters as their employees. We must include this skill.

6. Computer Skills

Computer literacy has become an important part of our jobs. Ability to operate a computer, competency to use office related software like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and knowhow of basic internet technologies have become mandatory for almost all type of office jobs. We must include our computer-based skills in our resume’.

7. Problem Solving

Any job or duty we are performing in the company we do face problems during our job. Every problem requires a solution. To solve the problem we need to have problem-solving skills. Some jobs require a high level of skills and some may require only beginner level but the skills are required. Therefore, companies prefer an employee who can not only solve their own problem but can also suggest solutions to their colleagues and team members. We must include this skill in our resume’.

8. Decision Making Skills

Decision making is generally involved at all level of jobs to some extent but for senior positions the decision making skill is highly required. Not only the company business but all other employees of the company are affected with the decisions. Therefore, companies look for good decision makers. We must include this skill in our resume’.

9. Analytical Skills

Not every job requires this skill but possessing analytical skills and mentioning on the resume’ really makes a difference even if it is not directly relevant to our job.

10. Planning Skills

Ability to analyze, forecast and plan the work is highly important. Every job demands different level of planning skills. For senior position this ability is very important as business actually depends on good planning. We must include planning skills in our resume’.

11. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important for any person because even if our current job does not require such skills but next level would require. Companies also develop their employees for senior positions therefore, it is worth mentioning leadership skills in the resume’.

12.  Learning Skills

We continue to learn. Every person particularly fresher and inexperienced employees are expected to have quick learning skills. We must include our ability to learn in our resume’.

Identifying the important skills does not mean that all should be included in the resume’. We need to critically analyze and evaluate ourselves to dig out the skills we possess. We should mention only the skills we actually possess. The purpose was to indicate the importance of mentioning our skills in the resume which we often miss to include but possess.  These skills in resume help the employer to better judge our suitability for the job.


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