Jack Pot in Real Estate

Real Estate

Sometimes you have more needs which you can’t cater to your present income, and sometimes it’s the opposite. When income is greater than the needs what people usually do is save it. But just saving it devalues the money so people, in order to avoid such a dilemma, invest that money. Investment is basically commitment of funds for a certain period of time for future payments. Investment can be done in different areas such as Real Estate i.e. land, cars, gold, shares, bonds, mutual funds etc. Real Estate has these days become a very popular endeavor and which has many opportunities for people who want to get big gains. It is an option which seems attractive to a common person as it has two major advantages:

  • Either use it for personal use
  • Sell it off when the value of Real Estate rises
  • Or rent it out

The value of rent increases with inflation which means that new investments can be made by the extra amount of money in hand.

When buying a property one should try to analyze the returns also. It’s better to buy more than one property and than renting them out as their rentals will generate more amounts of funds as compared to one but one has to first calculate the returns as it’s not that simple as it seems. On the other hand, people may sometimes use leverage (loan) to buy properties and then rent them out for a greater amount of return but again one has to understand the impact of leverage on Real Estate.

A nice way to get some cash from Real Estate is to buy it in times when there are chances that the prices will rise in the future, which usually they always do one way or the other. Another way is to buy properties which may need some improvements. Adding these to the property will eventually increase the value of the property.

There are some tricks and traits for entering into the business of Real Estate:

  • Try to do most of the work yourself, otherwise when you pay the bills of the agent, the attorney and the rest of the lot that got involved in the deal usually you are left with nothing in the end. So do it yourself.
  • Decide if you want to sell the property instantly and get a lump sum amount or you want to rest and enjoy small yet permanent long-term cash inflows.
  • Don’t overestimate yourself as you can’t do the business on your own. Many times, you may need someone else’s advice. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Try to educate yourself about the pertaining market don’t underrate other businessmen in the market as they are also there to make a difference. Don’t worry about the experience that others have as you can’t replace it just keep yourself up to date to what’s happening in the market lately.
  • Use the basic tactics of business i.e. sell your property for profit as this business just requires common sense which sometimes many would find hard to use. So think before taking a step.

Points to ponder before entering into the business of Real Estate are:

  • Do you have the knowledge and the skills required in this field?
  • Do you have the capital required?
  • Do you have good relations with the property dealers and land engineers?
  • Are you aware of the market?

If the answer to the above questions is “YES” then just take a step ahead and be your own leader but remember it requires a lot of time and commitment so BE PATIENT.

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