Easy Job Secrets: 13 Ways to Impress your Boss

Written by Ana on Wednesday, October 05th, 2011
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Easy Job Secrets

In this era of recession and unemployment, to find a job is a tough task and if you have got one then you are lucky enough. However, to retain a job in an organization or to get promoted is not easy. You have to work hard, be professional, meet deadlines for assignments, and sometimes do extra work to win your boss. Our easy job secrets will let you impress your boss in 13 easy ways.

1. Be Punctual and Competent

Coming to office at time is the first step to be in the good books of your boss. You should come early if there is a pending assignment deadline to meet. Moreover, competency at work is also necessary. Hard work and struggle is essential. There is a great competition in any job. You should struggle to take the initiatives and do projects which will not only improve your experience but also will help you increase your importance among other employees.

2. Communicate and Converse

Communication with your boss is essential. Converse and get your work issues discussed with your boss. Asking questions regarding work will increase your potential and impress your boss.

3. Be Confident and Well organized

Be confident in what you do whether it is a business plan, report or presentation in a seminar. Also, be well organized, keep your office cubicle clean, keep the documents well arranged and use a white board to highlight different issues during important meetings.

4. Respect is what your Boss desires

Respect is important for any person, however in the case of your job it is the boss who demands respect. Being having experience, he has the right to desire it. Don’t argue with him and consider your boss opinion top rated while you are in the job.

5. Positivity is necessary

Positivity at your job is necessary. Come to office rested, prepared and positive. Not only you should be positive about your work with your boss but also exhibit positive energy in you office to keep your office environment calmer.

6. Come up with productive business solutions and original ideas

Originality and creativity at job is what your boss requires. Come up with productive business solutions. Share ideas which are fruitful for your organization. It will help in making an impact on your boss.

7. Assumptions are not good for your Job health

Don’t assume anything at your work place. Your boss is the head of organization and he also has some responsibilities. Keep him informed about the work issues. Surprises and assumptions are not good for your job health.

8. Groom up

Groom up yourself before going to your work place. Your personality has an immediate effect on anybody as soon as you enter the office. You should look good, dress up good and smell good and make an impression on your boss.

9. Get informed and opinionated

To impress your boss with your work you should be well informed about all the things going around in the office. Don’t involve in the office politics. You should also be aware of the market and business trends. Be knowledgeable and opinionated and don’t try to argue on the matters which you don’t know.

10. Stay away from stress?

Stay away from stress and also don’t give tension to your boss. Be cool and calm whether you are meeting strict assignment deadlines or doing complex presentations.

11. Be a team player

Learn to work in a team and be a team player to make an impact on your boss.

12. Be Professional

Professionalism is required at your job. Leave all your personal matters and life issues at home because your boss would be least interested to hear them

13. Work with passion

Work is what is required at your job. Your boss has hired you to work. So, work with passion. There are no shortcuts to get promotion. Success comes with hard work. And you get promoted when your boss is happy with your work.

So, peek in our job secrets and make your job easy with our 13 ways to impress your boss.

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