Con Edison Trying to Solve Energy Efficiency Issues

Most people today talk about environmental problems that have been creating bigger problems globally. Now there are many companies that are trying to make a difference and therefore they are coming up with better awareness campaigns and events that can bring people together and provide them information on how they can together make this world a better place and improve the environmental problems that they are going through. Now, Con Edison hosts energy efficiency summit for commercial and industrial sector to resolve some of the major environmental problems that have been gaining global attention.

The Con Edison Energy Efficiency Summit 2012 will be held at Hilton New York on May 1 and some of the top commercial and industrial building owners will be present at the event to make sure that they are among the first to know how they can improve the performance of their buildings. Many of the researchers now believe that buildings have to be green so that they can perform better in the future. The Green Team is already working with various companies and organizations to make things possible and therefore they are hosting this event that will allow researchers to get what they really can do with the help of new technologies.

David Pospisil, Program Manager for the C&I Energy Efficiency Program said that this program is going to bring out the best results with many companies that have joined hands. The company also said that this program will bring in various technologies from around the world and will make sure that they come up with better results that can allow commercial and industrial building owners to improve the performance of their building. The summit will cover some interesting topics like emerging gas technologies, lighting and LED advancements, energy measurement and control and sustainability trends around the world. The summit will be attended by commercial and industrial building owners, engineers, facility managers and energy managers.

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