Top 10 Business Schools in the US

When you have a dream of going to the US for studying business management then this country can leave you confused, because of the vast choices you have there. With more than 70 best business schools, it’s difficult to make the right choice. So the following article could be of little help for choosing the right one for you.

Harvard University:

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Till date, Harvard University ranks as one of the world’s best business school. Even for finance and accounting Harvard got the first rank worldwide. As per QS World University Rankings published in 2018, in terms of overall ranking, Harvard University ranks 3rd in the world among business schools. This business school has almost 2000 student, where forty-one percent are women. It also publishes the much-acclaimed Harvard Business Review magazine on its own in-house publishing company called Harvard Business Publishing. Its tuition fee for full-time students is almost $ 63,675 yearly.

University of Pennsylvania:

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The next one in the list of top business school in the US is University of Pennsylvania. Worldwide it is ranked 5th for business and also got the best scores with respect to H Index worldwide (H index measures the productivity and overall impact of the various works published by scholars of this university). The Wharton School (its business school) is the earliest in the whole of US. It was inaugurated in the year 1881 by the loyal donation of an industrialist named Joseph Wharton. For full-time students, its tuition fee is approximately $67,516 and for executives, and $192,900 for the complete program.

University of Chicago:

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The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business was the of the earliest institutes in the US, which offered Executive MBA as well as doctoral degrees in business. The University of Chicago captures the seventeenth place worldwide along with NYU. This school is the only one, that has campuses covering three continents – Asia, Europe, and North America. For executive sits total program cost is around $179,000 and for part-time students, it is $6,590 per credit and $66,540 Yearly for full-time students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) moved up two places from its standing in last year’s list. This year it has been ranked fourth worldwide. In terms of academic and employer standings, it received top ten scores on those parameters. The Salon School of Management, MIT’s business school, has approximately 1300 students and the main emphasis of the business school is on creating practical and feasible solutions to problems. This institution’s yearly tuition fee is approximately $67,938.

Stanford University:

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Stanford University has successfully placed itself in 6th position worldwide when it comes to business schools. Inaugurated in the year of 1925, its Graduate Business School has a huge number of alumni (almost 29,000) still alive, which includes several renowned entrepreneurs as well as successful businessman/woman too. Situated in California’s Silicon Valley, it has one of the toughest admission processes. Studying in this University will cost you yearly tuition fee around $66,540.

Northwestern University:

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The next one in the list is Northwestern University which moved up eight places to rank 14th worldwide this year. The Kellogg School of Management first established in 1908 under a different name. However, it got the name in the year of 1979 to honor the donation by the son of the founder of Kellogg’s cereal company John L. Kellogg. Almost ninety-six percent of the graduates get their job offers within a period of three months from their graduation date. For executives its yearly cost is around $97,158 and for part time students its $6,442 per credit and for the full time program the yearly cost is around $66,462.

University of California, Berkeley (UCB):

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Inaugurated in 1898 this is the 2nd oldest business school in US and has approximately 2200 graduate as well as undergraduate students. Among their faculties two are renowned Nobel Prize winners in Economics. This business school firmly believes in creating leaders who can reformulate that way we do business today. For its executive program the total program cost is around $174,000, for full time program its nearly $57,560 yearly and for part time its $3,169 per credit.

Dartmouth College (Tuck):

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This renowned business school offers you departments like leadership, not for profit, health care administration, accounting, economics, e commerce, finance, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, real estate, marketing, human resource management, public policy, tax, and technology, industrial management, supply chain management/logistics, health care administration, quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research and many more. For full time program its fee is around $66,390 yearly. Statistic shows that almost 86.8 percent of pass out graduates get jobs.

Columbia University:

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Ranked 19th worldwide, Columbia University is a New York City Based organization. Elegantly located in Manhattan (global business hub of US), this organization dignifies itself by its incomparable accessibility of business leaders worldwide. In the year of 2016 Columbia University got the honor of completing its hundredth year. For its executive program the cost is around $3,160 per credit and for full time program the approximate cost is $68,792.

Yale University:

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This management school successfully offers you departments like human resources management, ethics, economics, public administration, not-for-profit management, health care administration, international business, marketing, and many more. Their full time tuition fee is around $64,200 yearly and for executive it comes to approximately $172,000 for the complete program. As per statistics almost 76.0 percent graduates from full time courses have jobs.

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