8 Tips That Promise Your Success in Share Market

Get success in Market Share

In today’s competitive world, companies are starving to earn more. So during this global recession, investors are also facing problem for investing their money. Stocks have always been a good investment for people, making them rich in months. But stocks don’t always appreciate; sometimes there are huge losses in stocks as well. Following are some of the important tips before you invest in stocks…

1. The first and foremost tip is to invest in shares of companies which not only pay dividend, but also there is a capital gain in price of the share.

2. Invest in companies which at least give 2 % dividend. It will not only pay profit to the investor, but also will increases the market value of the share.

3. Always remember that low dividend does not necessarily mean that company is having loss; company may be retaining those profits for expansion of business.

4. Investor should invest in companies which should not be newly registered i.e. company’s must have existence from 8-10 years in the industry. Moreover the company should have given stable dividend in last 10 years so that there are minimum chances of losses.

5. Invest in company where they must have a stock dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). This will assure you that your investment is safe.

6. Remember never put all the eggs in the same basket. Under no circumstances invest in a single company; your investment should be diverse.

7. You should always invest in non-cyclical shares, both in those which go with economy and those which go opposite to the economy. This will save your investment even in recession.

8. The shares that you buy should be purchased with intent of utilizing that amount for yourself and your family for the rest of your life.

Above mentioned tips can reduce your chances of losses, so when you invest keep them in mind, earn more profit and stay happy.

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